Patients under 18 years old

By Dr. Pauline Cundill. Updated 13th Oct 2014

Cross sex hormones (oestrogen and testosterone) are only prescribed at Northside to patients aged over 18years.

Patients aged under 18y are usually seen at the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic in Parkville. At the Royal Children’s Hospital you will see a physician, psychiatrist and an endocrinologist (hormone specialist). After this you may be approved to commence puberty blockers (GnRH analogues, such as zoladex). Puberty blockers are given as a 3 monthly injection / implant. They stop any further puberty changes, and are best commenced early on – as soon as your body starts to change. Once you reach 18y you will be able to commence cross sex hormone therapy at Northside Clinic.

There is no longer a requirement to go to court to access Puberty Blockers in Victoria.

If you would like to start cross sex hormone therapy (oestrogen or testosterone) before the age of 18y there is a requirement to attend Family Court for approval. Your Doctors will help you with this. Starting cross sex hormones before you turn 18y also requires approval from your parents.

Puberty blockers are safe, and fully reversible if you decide to stop therapy for any reason. If Puberty blockers are prescribed in the longer term there may be issues with reduced bone density, you should discuss this with your Doctor.

It is important for everyone to have a good GP. A good GP will coordinate your care, monitor your health, advocate and provide support for you throughout your journey. Your GP can liaise with your teachers /school if required, and assist you with transition to adult services after the age of 18y.

Useful support groups include

Safe Schools Coalition

Minus 18


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