Breast Cancer Screening

By Dr Cate Sheppard. Updated 13th October 2014

One in 12 women in Australia will develop breast cancer at some stage in their life.

Some women are at higher risk because of a strong family history of breast cancer. Other risks include:

Being overweight, excessive alcohol consumption (more than 2 standard drinks/day),  having no children or delaying  children until later in life, HRT (combined HRT taken for greater than 5 years is associated with an increased risk), Oral Contraceptive Pill (small increased risk) and the increased risk associated with ageing.

We encourage you to discuss your individual risk with your doctor, in order to determine what screening is appropriate for you.

Breastscreen Australia offers free mammogram screening to women with normal breasts aged between 50 and 74. We encourage women to have a breast examination to check that their breasts are normal before booking in for a Breastscreen examination.

For more information:

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