Dr. Katie Gault

General Practitioner

Dr Gault is currently not at the clinic.

I graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2010, I have worked at the Austin and Northern Hospital, The Royal Womens Hospital, and started my GP training in rural Victoria.

I am a GP registrar with an interest in womens health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, paediatrics, sleep medicine, mental health, sexual health, STI’s. I have joined Northside clinic to increase my knowledge in HIV and LGBT medicine.

I am currently completing an advanced dipolma of Obstertics with the aim to offer shared antenatal care during pregnancy, fertility assistance, and contraception. I am skilled with insertion of implanon, and hopefully soon insertion of intrauterine devices such as mirenas.

I also have an interest in paediatrics and adolescence with a diploma of child health. I loved working for the Paediatrics team at the Northern Hospital.

I am a big advocate for work life balance, I enjoy yoga, mindfulness, meditation, hiking, travel and cooking wholesome healthy foods. I have an interest in mental health and welliness through holistic approaches

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