LGBTIQA+ Alcohol & Drug Use

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More LGBTIQA+ people use illicit drugs, smoke and drink harmful amounts of alcohol than straight, cis gender people. There are many reasons for this including using substances to help overcome the stress of living with homophobia, and also that substance use is very common at LGBTIQA+ community events.

The term ‘party and play’ is widely used in the gay & bisexual community, which refers to taking drugs (party) whilst having sex (play). Men use drugs to help them relax, overcome erectile dysfunction, make them last longer whilst having sex, or increase sexual arousal. However, there is a known association between recreational drug usage, particularly crystal methamphetamine, and unprotected sex. Taking recreational drugs whilst having sex decreases your inhibitions and makes it more likely that you will take risks that you might not normally take, such as unprotected sex. This can then put you at risk of HIV and other STIs.

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