LGBTIQA+ Parenting

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There are many issues to decide on related to parenting including the parenting roles for each parent, the level of involvement or not if there is a known sperm or egg donor, and the degree to which each of the adults involved with parenting is legally recognised. The laws governing parenting rights differ in each Australian state. Further decisions involve seeking out sensitive educational facilities from playgroups to pre-school to school. Many parents choose to be open about their family structure with education providers, and some assist their chosen schools by providing children’s books and other information about their families.

While negative community attitudes towards same LGBTIQA+ parented families persist, most families find support from selected friends, family and neighbours.



A wide range of studies from around the world have shown that children who grow up in families with LGBTIQA+ parents do just as well as children with heterosexual parents. There is some evidence that these children have some advantages such as being more aware and respectful of diversity.

Family Support:



A brief article on the range of same sex parented families in Australia written by Simon Crouch and colleagues and published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 2013:


Children of Same Sex Parents


A comprehensive review was conducted for the Australian Psychological Society on outcomes for children in same sex parented families: Available here.

  • BeyondBlue also have a resource for families with LGBTI children.