Testosterone Therapy

By Dr. Pauline Cundill. Updated 13th Oct 2014

Talk to your GP about which testosterone therapy would suit you. Options include fortnightly “Primoteston” injections, three monthly “Reandron” injections, daily testosterone gel “Testogel” and daily roll on testosterone “Axiron”.

Testosterone tablets and implants are not prescribed from Northside due to availability and side effect concerns.

Effects of Testosterone therapy

•Promotion of beard and body hair growth (permanent)

•Development of male pattern baldness (permanent)

•Increase in clitoral size

•Heightened libido

•Increased muscle bulk

•Body fat redistribution

•Deeper voice, though not usually to pitch of other men (permanent)

•Cessation of periods


•Infertility or reduced fertility

•Cervical/Vaginal atrophy

•Breast tissue atrophy

Testosterone can cause serious side effects such as polycythaemia (enlargement of red blood cells) and liver damage, however these side effects are rare.

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