Cervical Screening Tests

It is important to test regularly for cervical cancer if you have a uterus (womb). Transmen are at risk of cervical cancer, however may find cervical screening tests invasive and distressing.

Testosterone causes the lining of the vagina to atrophy (shrink and dry), which can make cervical screening tests uncomfortable.

We recommend discussing your options with your GP. Some people use a topical vaginal oestrogen cream for 1-2 weeks prior to their cervical screening test. The oestrogen is not absorbed into the rest of the body, but works locally to lubricate the vaginal walls and cervix – this makes the cervical screening test more comfortable.

For people who cannot tolerate a vaginal speculum, another option is a self-collected HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) swab. These are currently available for anyone aged 30 and over who are overdue for their cervical screening and must be done at a medical clinic.